Sunday, April 22, 2012

Meeting - 3rd May 2012

Notice of meeting to be held on
3rd May 2012,     6 - 8pm
Committee Room, County Hall, Durham


1.     Welcome & Introductions

2.     Apologies

3.     Minutes of 1st March 2012 Meeting
4.     Matters arising

5.     2012 Programme

6.     Financial Reports

7.     Projects

To consider
a)    Attendance at CLMG meetings
b)    Attending Support Group Meetings
c)    FACT Breast Cancer Awareness Support Event – 11th July
d)    Visiting GP Surgeries

8.     Reports from External Groups

                              To receive reports (if any) from:
a)    Cancer Locality Group                                  
b)    North of England Cancer Network    
c)    Clinical Commissioning  Groups

9.     Reports from Support Groups

10.  Any Other Business

11.  Date of next meeting      5th July 2012;   2pm – 4pm
Hollies Room 2, Memorial Hospital, Darlington

Tea & coffee available at 5.45pm

Meeting - 1st March 2012

 Notice of ANNUAL GENERAL & Business Meetings to be held on

1st March 2012
Committee Room, County Hall, Durham

5.45pm – 6.45pm   NECN Meeting
(This presentation will be led by NECN staff)

7.00pm – 8.00pm  P&C Group Meeting 


1.     Welcome & Introductions

2.     Apologies                                  

i)               1st year Review

ii)             Annual Report

iii)            Financial Report & Audited Accounts

iv)      Election of Officers* and representatives to the NECN (2) and
          Cancer Locality Management (3) Groups

v)      2012 – 2013 Work Programme

4.     Minutes of 5th January 2012 meeting & matters arising

5.     Reports from External Groups
a)     Cancer Locality Management Group                                     

6.     Reports from Support Groups

7.     Any Other Business

8.     Date of next meeting       3rd May 2012 commencing 6pm at County Hall, Durham
                                                             Guest Speaker:  Nick Springham, Consultant in Public Health

 Tea & coffee will be available

* Nominations for the roles of Chair, Secretary & Treasurer should be sent to the Secretary:
Each of the present office-bearers is willing to stand for re-appointment