Thursday, June 2, 2011

Meeting - 2nd June 2011

Notice of meeting to be held on

2nd June 2011, 6 - 8pm
Committee Room 1B, County Hall, Durham


1.     Welcome & Introductions
2.     Apologies            
3.     Minutes of April Meeting
                              Previously distributed and re-attached
4.     Matters arising
5.     Membership
Invitations extended to
a)    Darlington and Teesdale Cancer Support Group
b)    Chyrelle Addams Cancer Support Centre Charity, Willington
6.     Promotional Material/Website for Group    
b)   mobile phone 
c)   distribution of posters/leaflets  
7.     Financial Reports
8.     Projects
Neutropenic Sepsis:   Response from Sandra Gaskill, Ward Manager Senior Sister, Univ. Hospital of N Durham
9.     Reports from External Groups
                              To receive reports (if any) from:
a)    Cancer Locality Group                       20th May meeting
b)    North of England Cancer Network     6/7th April Acc Solutions event
c)    North of England Cancer Network     17th May meeting
10.  Reports from Support Groups
a)    Durham & District Women’s Cancer Support Group – 25th Anniversary
b)    Dying Matters
c)    Chester le Street Carers Group
11.  Any Other Business
12.  Date of next meeting
                               7th July 2011

Light refreshments will be available